About Us

At Thistle Bee Co. our goal is to provide the highest quality local bee related products.  At our core, we are a honey company. We produce local, all natural honey with no processing to provide the best quality and purest honey available.  We specialize in unique honeys from various flowers to satisfy even the most sophisticated honey connoisseurs palate. 

Our apiaries exclusively use Russian bees. Our breeding stock is derived from members of the Russian Honey Bee Breeder Association.  Russian Honey Bees are well suited to our local environment, have increased mite resistance and fantastic honey production.

We also support local beekeepers. Wether you need help in your apiary, bees, or woodenware, we are here to help. We sell high quality pure Russian bee nucs and queens. We also have woodenware. We commission our friends in the Amish community to build high quality woodenware with excellent craftsmanship. Our low overhead costs help ensure that we can deliver these high quality products to our beekeeper colleagues at the lowest prices, whether they are a fully established apiary, or a new beekeeper just learning the ropes. We love providing mentorship and advice to new beekeepers to help them become successful and enjoy this incredible hobby.